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Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To serve our local community by providing outstanding support for those who access our care services, furthermore, to promote equal opportunity, diversity, and knowledge to assist understanding of learning disability.

Vision Statement

Everyone with a learning disability accessing the support they require and leading a fulfilling life.

Our Values

We are Inclusive

People with a learning disability are at the heart of everything we do. Individual support is important to us, and we ensure that we focus on meeting your needs

We are Caring

We treat everyone with respect and kindness. Being kind and caring are important qualities that we value throughout every aspect of our service

We are Positive

We never stop believing in a better future, and we celebrate what we are proud of now. Your achievements are recognised and celebrated; we are inspired by your dreams

We are Challenging

When we see things that aren’t fair we will campaign until we see real change. We will support you to have your voice heard and express your views and wishes

We are Trustworthy

When we promise something we don’t let people down