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Eight local parents of children with a learning disability meet at the instigation of Judy Fryd, to discuss forming the Society. On 18th March 1959 the Society is inaugurated with twenty members and funds of £30.00. Fundraising begins, followed by organised activities such as outings, parties and a playgroup.


The vision of Harpenden Mencap is realised with the opening of Stairways by Lord Renton, to provide short-term care for 10 children at a time.


The Residential service at Stairways opens and 8 people gradually move into their new homes. A rapid expansion of the charity takes hold over the coming years.


Building works are completed. The now larger Stairways building boosting 5. all flats have their vacancies filled and the amount of staff employed by the charity increases from 16 (1990) to 50 (1993).


Harpenden Mencap’s charity shop is opened and offers occupational opportunities to those with a learning disability in the local community.


Harpenden Mencap opens the Supported Living Service. Some of those within the residential service and others living within the community become tenants of Harpenden Mencap whom receive support within their own homes.


The Supported Living Service changes registration to become a Domiciliary service, offering support to those living within their homes within the Harpenden/St. Albans area


Construction of Pine Court finishes and tenants start to move into their individual flats. A new Supported living Service is opened at Stairways and new tenants move into the building.


The children Service closes its doors for the last time. Renovation work starts to create a new supported Living flat in its place.