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Down Syndrome Research

Harpenden Mencap is proud to be supporting King's College London and the research they are undertaking into how the brain works in people with Down Syndrome.

This important research will examine the possible differences in Genetic and Biological makeup that could contribute to why those with down Syndrome differ between each other in areas such as; attention, task planning, memory, language and coordination of movements.

Alzheimer's disease occurs more often for those suffering with Down Syndrome, the study also aims to examine why some people with Down Syndrome develop Alzheimer's and some do not.

The results will hopefully improve the care and treatment of those with Down Syndrome and support in the development of treatment for Alzheimer's disease.  

If you wish to become involved or want more information please contact:

Marie, Fedal, Deborah and Sarah
020 7836 5454 (ext 3598)