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Stories 56-57




We have stories from two support workers this week. The first from Emma in Residential Services and the second from Katherine in our Domiciliary Service.

This summer I was lucky enough to support residents from flat 4 to Clacton for 3 nights. Margot and I were chosen by the 2 residents to go with them.

We had a great time, making friends with the neighbours, walking the neighbour’s dog along the beach, singing along the promenade, BBQs, Sunday roasts out at the local Toby Carvery.

We stayed in a beautiful, rented outhouse which gave the residents their own space and made it feel homely too.

We made some lovely memories and often talk about the things that happened.

Thinking back to my childhood with my Dad who had severe burns due to a fire, I found it difficult as people’s reactions to his appearance were hurtful. They couldn’t see beyond his facial disfigurement and treated him differently. As a result, I decided to become involved in the care of others who were different in their own way.

I have now worked at Stairways for over 20 years supporting our service users to become independent and confident people who society values.

The reason I stay here at Mencap is the reward of seeing individual growth and confidence which gives me huge personal satisfaction.