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Story 33




Peter, a founding member of the charity and father to a current service user wished to share:



My wife Sheila and I were founder members in 1959 when the initiator was Judy Frydd. Sheila was interviewed on the subject of Harpenden Mencap’s Link scheme on Women's Hour on BBC radio. Sheila also organised the selling of the Mencap Christmas Cards for a number of years.


Sheila and Betty Roberts regularly transported members to the holiday home in North Wales driving the Mencap Minibus.


I was involved in setting up the Christmas Bazaars which were very popular annual events for a number of years.  One year I arranged for Father Christmas to arrive by helicopter and land him on the common opposite the Silver Cup pub.


I was the transport manager looking after the operation and servicing of the Mencap Minibus.  One event I recall was organising a 50-mile overnight charity walk down the A5.  We bussed walkers in two double decker busses up to Weedon at 10pm. They then walked all night down the A5, finishing in St Albans at 10am the following morning.  Needless to say not all of the walkers arrived!!  I had the easy part, driving the minibus all night up and down the A5 picking up casualties and taking them to the various first aid points to have blisters etc. attended to.

Imagine trying to walk that journey down the A5 today.