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60 Years, 60 Stories

As part of our celebrations for our 60th Anniversary we have collected 60 individual stories to describe and record the diverse nature and history of our community. A story for each of our 60 years.

All our stories come from service users, volunteers, trustees, staff and many others who have been involved with Harpenden Mencap over the 60years.

Over the last 60 years we have achieved so much. Residential services for younger and older residents have been built, social groups have been setup, fairs and jumble sales, golf days, cake stalls and all sorts of events have raised money, our shop has thrived, research papers have been written, community links established and a proud and trusted reputation for high standards has been recognised. And so much more.

All these achievements have come from the hard work and determination of many, many people who had a vision to provide and promote services and equality for our people who have learning disabilities. 

All of these stories are part of our Harpenden Mencap history and we've put them together to share on this site and allow others to read them and hear what Harpenden Mencap is all about.  

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  • 22/11/19

    Story 41

          Debbie Bulling tells her story as Chairman of  a prior service- Junior Harpenden Mencap
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  • 15/11/19

    Story 40

          Nyssa from Pine Court tells us about her Journey with Harpenden Mencap.
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  • 08/11/19

    Story 39

          This features the story of the manager at our Charity shop who has been working with us for almost 30 years.  
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  • 01/11/19

    Story 38

          This weeks story comes from Ken Gee, Sadly he passed away 18th July 2019. He will always be remembered fondly by those of us here at Harpenden Mencap.    
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  • 25/10/19

    Story 37

          This week features our Finance Manager- Dipika.     
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  • 17/10/19

    Story 36

          This week features a story from the current manager of the Domiciliary Service at Pine Court- Andy    
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  • 08/10/19

    Story 35

        This weeks story is about one of our current tenants in Stairways- James written by his mother.     
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  • 04/10/19

    Story 34

          Our next story features a current Tenant from our Domiciliary Service- Michael    
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  • 27/09/19

    Story 33

          Peter, a founding member of the charity and father to a current service user wished to share:    
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  • 20/09/19

    Story 32

          This week features a story from Clare, Assistant Manager within our Residential Service    
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  • 06/09/19

    Story 31

          Rachel who has been working with us 21 years within administration roles, provides this weeks amazing story.      
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  • 30/08/19

    Story 30

          Margot, a care worker at Stairways, wrote to us about her time working in one of the residential flats.    
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