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  • 27/07/22

    Why choose an apprenticeship in social care?

    Choosing an apprenticeship in any field will not only open the door to many opportunities, but it also gives you the chance to learn while you work and earn while you learn rather than being saddled with the debt associated with Higher Education. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a jo...
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  • 20/06/22

    Learning Disabilities Week

    What is a learning disability This week is Learning Disability week, and here at Harpenden Mencap, it's our ongoing aim to ensure we educate others. Did you know there are over 828,000 people over 18 with a learning disability? 
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  • 30/03/22

    David's Story

    At the heart of Harpenden Mencap is ensuring that people with learning disabilities are given a voice to express their needs, choices, and aspirations.
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  • 16/02/22

    How to develop and grow your career in social care ​​​​​​​

    Working in social care means your background or how old you are doesn’t matter. If you have a clear passion and interest in wanting to help people, there’s a social care job for you. There are plenty of opportunities to develop and build your career and it is one of the most rewarding ca...
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  • 09/02/22

    Disability in the Workplace

    Did you know that there are over 828,000 people aged 18 or over with a learning disability? If  your business and recruitment process is not inclusive and accessible for people with learning disabilities, you could be missing out on hiring some extremely talented candidates. Equality and Div...
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  • 12/01/22

    Beating The January Blues

    For many people, January is a very tough month. Whether it be the post-Christmas blues, financial stress, or worrying about someone you love, it can be extremely challenging. If you are someone who has a learning disability, or you are a carer of somebody who does, it can be even harder if you do...
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  • 05/01/22

    5 Reasons You Should Consider A Role In Social Care

      Moving into the New Year, are you considering looking for a new job? Working in the social care sector can be both extremely challenging and rewarding position but can bring great value to both your life and the lives of many others. If you are tired of your current career, why not give...
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  • 22/12/21

    Meet the choir star Stephen!

    Relief in lockdown Stephen is a 48-year-old extrovert with a cheeky sense of humour who loves nothing more than socialising with friends and family and enjoying entertainment. As a wheelchair user, living in one of Harpenden Mencap’s residential care flats, Stephen receives support to me...
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  • 22/12/21

    Meet the amazing Max!

    When the world changed Max is a 25-year-old, budding actor with a love for all things' performance, especially musicals. Max lives in one of Harpenden Mencap’s supported living flats and up until early 2020, Max was taking part in several face-to-face activities per week within the l...
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  • 01/12/21

    The importance of Assistive Technology

    What is Assistive technology? Assistive technology, also known as AT, is any device or product that helps a person with a disability perform a task that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without help. This can include any piece of equipment, product, or system that is used to increase...
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